Desire without Direction, Talent without Training, Players without Platform and Options without Opportunities are never rewarding! – Anonymous

We at Kolkata Football Academy believe in providing equal opportunities to all our players. Following our tie-up and sponsorship with various clubs, Kolkata Football Academy is further able to offer more opportunities to its players.

Providing the right platform and playing opportunities to academy players remain our focus area. Besides weekend friendly matches with local academy/club teams, KFA players shall be subjected to multiple selection opportunities, but not limited to:

National Tournaments

U-13 & U14

  • U-13 I-League Junior League
  • U-13 ISL Junior League
  • U-13 Reliance Cup [School Tournament]
  • U-14 Subrato Cup [School Tournament]


  • U-15 I-League
  • All India Tournaments

Senior 18+

  • IFA Shield
  • CFL Premiere Div. to IV th Div.
  • All India Tournaments

Foreign Tournaments

  • Gothia Cup, Sweden (U18)
  • Dana Cup, Denmark (U17)
    (50% scholarship upon selection)

U-15 & U16

  • U-15 I-League Sub Junior League
  • U-15 ISL Sub Junior League
  • U-15 Reliance Cup [School Tournament]
  • U-16 Subrato Cup [School Tournament]


  • U-18 I-League
  • U-18 ISL Youth League
  • U-18 Reliance Cup [School Tournament]

* List of Tournaments

Sl. No. Tournament Age Group
1 Nursery League U-13 & Juniors U-13 & Juniors
2 Subrato Cup School National U-16 & U-14 U-16 & U-14
3 I-league U-18, U-15 & U-13 U-18, U-15 & U-13
4 IFA Shield U-19 U-19
5 CFL Premier Division-B Senior
6 CFL 1st Division Senior
7 I-league 2nd Division Senior
8 Darjeeling Gold Cup Senior
9 Kolinga Cup Senior
10 CM Gold Cup Senior
11 Jana Nayak KK Thakur Gold Cup Senior
12 Oil India Gold Cup Senior
13 ONGC Gold Cup Senior
Kolkata Football Academy